Rostland Prospectors

O Par, Par! Were-fore Art Thou Par
From Aegis' Perspective

27th Pharast 4708

Weather reports and data deemed inconsequential to continued experiments, negligible effects on team efficiency out of ordinary humanoid operation. Out of season spikes and anomalies will continue to be recorded.

After numerous travels and investigations around the locality I had hoped to be able to spend some valuable time cross-referencing my investigations to determine psychological as well as tactical patterns. However (as I should have suspected) they remain far too goal-focused to spend even a single day resting so that I could commence construction of two valuable magical items I finally had time and resources to construct. Thus I had to suffer the indignity of travelling with the group to complete the investigations to the North West plains region by the forest, map plan M-15 details this along with interesting topographical information.

Tales for a Magpie
From Buzzbee's Perspective

Its a cool spring morning, with the waxing moon ever present over head. Glancing up at the moon hanging in morning sky buzz mutters,

“Not be long now … enough of that, Breakfast!”

Ruffling though his backpack, Buzz triumphantly pulls out a handful of fresh berries and flask of clean water.

“Ahhh breakfast. Hey Alex! Wake up my friends its our time to watch over camp.”

The weary elk awakens, groggly getting to his feet before steading himself and trotting over to his long time companion. He gently nuzzle his snout into Buzz’s shoulder before raising his head to sniff the brisk morning air. With nothing much to arise his suspicion he finds a tasty bit of greenery to snake on.

Free [Bear] Hugs... Unless it's a Bear
From Krul's Perspective

I woke up after the oddest dream this morning. It started like any of my usual dreams of glorious battles and honourable kills, except the events playing out in my head were completely different to how the fight actually went.

I was dreaming of the fight yesterday against a great grizzly bear which had made its home in what remained of an old shrine. It was a hell of a beast and a worthy challenge for the likes of me. When the beast let loose its great roar from within the shrine, I immediately knew it would be down to me to protect these clueless city folk and rushed head on towards the noise.

Trap Sweepers
From Aegis' Perspective

Pharast 12th 4708.

High speed (estimated 45 mph) winds, extremely snowy conditions. Over one foot of snow.
Travel speed would be reduced by an estimated 75% in this weather without sledging, skiing or other suitable equipment.

Day twelve of study. Despite my initial calculations of a 27% chance of a group fatality within the first two weeks of the experiment I have now revised this down to 15%. The previous nights’ engagement with S-71, a class II abomination, however came exceedingly close to fulfilling this prediction when team-member Par was nearly eviscerated by the abomination.

Once Bitten... Lycanthropy
Pars point of view

A lot of things can annoy me, rich kids slumming, magical locks, broken tools, a lack of decent booze, but by Caidens empty tankard, how do you fight something that just wont go down?

By pure luck we found the guy the guard captain wanted while exploring near Oleg’s, and despite some…ughum… difficulties with MilFalc, we ran him and his companions down and dragged him back. It was late so we stayed the night, I had chance to have a quiet word with one of the guards, he reckons I can get some decent quality…goods acquisition tools that had been confiscated from some… amateurs back home.

Thought Sukie was supposed to be laying low, but she seems determined to make a name for herself, at least the way she keeps chatting up the guard captain implies that…

Returning to Olegs Trading Post
Aegis Revealed

Pharast 9th 4708.

Day nine of study, the group continues to remain functionally cohesive despite total lack of organisational structure, authority or any kind of predesignated or acknowledged system to direct it. My best description so far for the teams activities is “quasi-directional chaos” the full implications of this system I intend to put into a paper for submission to the Elven military figures when studying the movements of Barbarian hordes. I suspect parallels between this groups semi-random approach to direction and investigation can be used as a microcosm that may be functionally extrapolated to predict larger forces activities.

Weather today, 23% cloud coverage with a wind capable of clearing smoke an estimated 2 miles visual distance. Temperature is seasonal average. Precipitation nil.

Unnaturally Scary Monsters Everywhere
Well, maybe not the Elk

Day 6 in the River Kingdoms (6th Day of Pharast)

Leaving their new kobold allies behind the group headed North into unexplored territory. After a morning of trudging through rain and mud the adventurers came across the razed ruins of Nettles Crossing. Needing to cross the river they searched the area, but found nothing in the burnt out building.

Standing by the river discussing their next move the team were approached by a figure rising from the river. Seeing the rotting undead first Buzzbee quickly unslung his bow and took aim. Sensing the creature was making no moves to attack Syndil shouted Buzzbee into standing down. The rotting remains identified itself as Davik, formerly the ferryman of Nettles Crossing. It demanded the body of its murderer, the Stag Lord, be thrown into the river to release it from undeath. The group agreed to help – some less enthusiastically than others.

Cleansing of the Mites and Liberation of the Sootscales
Hero to some... villain to... wait, no they all died.

3rd Day of Pharast (Continued)

In previous advenutes; we left our intrepid six fighting the remains of the smurfs (mites), 3 of which had been stunned with by Syndyl, Krul was surrounded by 4 more, a 5th was one square away threatening Par. Buzz, who had crossed the crevice had his attention focused on stopping the movements of the giant centerpede. While this was happening Sukie and Aegis were across the crevice attacking said monster with ranged attacks.

The tricksy smurfs led the attack, the first shifted over to close in on Krul before attempting to attack Par, who despite finding himself stiffened from the poison was able to dodge the attack. His counter blow though pierced the little ones heart killing him instantly, Par then moved to flank one of the mites attacking Krul.

Enter the Sycamore Tree
Mite Mayhem

This is a place holder while I get my arse into get and write this one up

Smoke Without Fire
Meddlesome Fey

2nd Day of Pharast

In the very early hours of the morning, on Par’s watch, a whisp of smoke past be him high up on the viewing platform. Looking down at the camp panic set in as camp was completely enshrouded in smoke. Rushing down from the platform Par began waking everyone.

Buzzbee desperately tried to wake the snoring barbarian but Krul is a heavy sleeper and Buzzbee’s shacking and proving had no effect. Cold water ought to do the trick he thought and pour bucket load over Krul’s head. Not a sensible move but necessary given the immediate situation. Krul’s reaction was and instinctive violet outburst, Buzz narrowly avoided injury, but he soon came to his senses when his little friend explained the urgency.

Despite the saying this time it was smoke with out fire.


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