Rostland Prospectors

Arrival at Oleg's Trading Post

An open door is an opportunity

28th Day of Calistra

The party gathered in Restov and began the journey to Oleg’s Trading Post.
On arriving Oleg Leveton was repairing a leaky patch of roof on the stables and you where greated with a less than warm initial welcome as Oleg had mistook you for bandits. Oleg’s mood didn’t improve too much when he actually turned from his work to address you and realised you to be adventurers and not the guards he was expecting from Restov.
Oleg’s wife, Svetlana, having heard Oleg’s bellowing voice came out and gave a welcoming greeting and apologised for her husbands way. Accepting her offer of lodgings and a warm meal dinning with them she then showed you about their humble trading post.

Over a very provincial and hearty meal suited to the colder climate this time of year you engaged in pleasantries with the Leveton’s.

The husband and wife accepted a charter from Restov some 6 moths ago to establish a trading post at a run down and abandoned wooded fort on the frontier of Restov and the Stolen Lands. Oleg has been hard at it with repairs and Sevtlana making the place comfortable for the few visitors they do receive, the odd trapper or traveller. Business has been slow but credit from Restov is keeping them going.

Conversation turned towards the issue of the bandits. The Leveton’s explained that they bandits first appeared 3 months ago, about a dozen of them under the command of a woman with a very dark humour and wicked way about her. Since then their visits have been very punctual, around sunrise every first day of the month. Successive visits have seen fewer and fewer bandits each time and under the command of a vulgar tongued hooded man, you later discovered to be called Happs Bydon. On each occasion they simply help themselves to what ever goods they wish. Oleg is totally powerless to do anything about them, especially as he fears for what they may do to his wife if he did try anything reckless. Their next visit being due the following day.

Having agreed to help Oleg and Svetlana you went about preparing plans to ambush the bandits. Oleg offered to help bait them in, after all it may have appeared out of place if he was not busy in the yard.

1st Day of Pharast

Svetlana woke you the party before dawn as requested and had prepared some toast with the remains of yesterday bread and a warm infusion.

Taking to your agreed positions it was only about 30-40 minutes until Par and Buzzbee spotted a group of five men approaching with six horses. When they approached the closed gate of the trading post they bellowed out to Oleg to open up or they would use fire to speed him along.

Oleg opened the gates and the bandits lead the horses into the yard totally unaware of you. Seeing Svetlana at the door of the house some of the men expressed what they would do to her if given the chance. In his gruff manner openly showed his distaste of the bandits in his tone has he ordered them wait whilst he got the keys to the storage pen. Your signal to attack.

Taking the bandits by surprise Par and Sukie started to loose arrows into the yard. Buzzbee’s elk companion charge from the barn, bursting the door open into Happs. A longsword came flying out after the elk. Happs would have suffered more than a slight cut had he not been knocked back. Already surprised that someone would through a good sword away in a fight there was more surprise when it return to Aegis’s hand.

The mighty barbarian, Krul, threw all his might behind the great doors to the outpost almost concussing one bandit and shoving him back outside the palisades. The bandit saw this has his chance to flee to safety and mounted the one horse that was still outside. He didn’t get far before he slumped from the saddle with an arrow in his back put there by Par.

Having emerged from her hiding place Syndil unleashed several dazzling arrays of colour putting frantic horses and bandits alike to asleep. Sukie slay one bandit out right, opening his throat wide as he tried to enter hiding place in the storage pen. Then pressed on to harass Happs. Krul invigorated by his early actions was in full rage and charged Happs, who began to beg for mercy realising he was outclassed with no escape. This was too much for one bandit he ascended the palisade and vault over to freedom despite the fall. Only to be peppered by stones from Buzzbee’s before falling.

Syndil ended the affair by putting Happs and the raging barbarian to sleep with another colour spray. Buzzbee was non too pleased as this also affect his beloved elk companion. Just Happs and a single bandit survived.

With horses under control and rounded up the bandits gear revealed that the cannot be camped far away as they were not carrying the usual trappings for camping. Other than a masterwork composite longbow (STR+2) the only other thing of note was a silver stag skull amulet worn by Happs.

Having removed Happs hood a few of you recognised Happs as a city guard from Restov. Under interrogation in the storage pen Happs has not buckled to mere questioning, and continues his somewhat vein efforts to barter his terms of freedom. It was too much for the other bandit who has revealed their camp to be on the Thorn River less than half a days ride away. When pushed about the camps numbers he almost broke down completely in fear you would’t believe him when he answered “people come and go all the time, I don’t even now how large the group is”. When he start to talk of a ferocious woman named Kressle, Happs still bound, lunged at him screaming obscenities and to shut his mouth. Par moved to run Happs through there and then but Krul blocked his way, lifted Happs pinning him to the side of the pen and said, “Remember ME?”.


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