Rostland Prospectors

Cleansing of the Mites and Liberation of the Sootscales

Hero to some... villain to... wait, no they all died.

3rd Day of Pharast (Continued)

In previous advenutes; we left our intrepid six fighting the remains of the smurfs (mites), 3 of which had been stunned with by Syndyl, Krul was surrounded by 4 more, a 5th was one square away threatening Par. Buzz, who had crossed the crevice had his attention focused on stopping the movements of the giant centerpede. While this was happening Sukie and Aegis were across the crevice attacking said monster with ranged attacks.

The tricksy smurfs led the attack, the first shifted over to close in on Krul before attempting to attack Par, who despite finding himself stiffened from the poison was able to dodge the attack. His counter blow though pierced the little ones heart killing him instantly, Par then moved to flank one of the mites attacking Krul. Aegis threw his sword once more at the Giant beast, cutting it fiecely, but still it pushed forward to attack, fortunetly for our heroes though it found it self once more tangled by Buzz’s awesome power, and was thusly unable to make much forward movement. Sukie, realising that the party was split decided that she needed to cross over and be with the others, ran and jumped the crevice, sadly though the beast, despite its tangled state was close enough to snap at her as she flew past, and in deed it did. A devistating blow that should have, neigh would have simple chopped her in two. But by a miracle of the gods, its maw was momentarily stopped by the roots and she survived taking only minor injuries. In her anger she turned and slashed at the creature. Buzz showed much wisdom and chose to move deeper into the caves and awaty from the dangerous attacks of their greater enemy. Krul sensing one of his allies in mortal danger and him not in that fight, turns from the pathetic small fry and runs at the more dangerous fiend. This action which was unexpected by the ones he was surrounded by, left them open to attacks from aegis, who stabbed one with a dagger, and Buzz, who used his new long spear to pierce a 2nd. Krul jumped from the edge of the chasm, swinging his blade over head, with a great roar he slashed a huge chunk of their dangerous foe from its body. The foul vermin turned on Krul, biting a huge chunk out of him and left him bleeding on the floor below. Aegis moved forward to attack once more, His glowing blade spinning out to slash before returning to his hand. Par finished the last of the concious mites and switched to his bow, smartly wanting to keep his distance. Sukie slashed once more before moving back out of range, and Buzz found an element of bravery as he moved back to the fray, where he tried to molest the beast. The creature free once more of its entanglement, and scared by the amount of damage it took, moved forward to escape and swinging at aegis, as he was in the way. Downing him. Par loosed an arrow, Sukie took a swing, and the creature pushed forward moving down to the mites living space to escape. Sukie, dropping her blade, quickly loosed an arrow though, killing the monster before it could get far down the corridor. The unconcious mites were dispatched without fuss.

With the battle over, our heroes used the last of their healing magic and the two potions to bring everyone back up, to find little to reward them for their hard fought fight but the experience of their victory. Being stalwart warriors they turned on captured Kolbold, only to discover he was not only intelligent, but to aegis pleasure also spoke a civilised tongue. Micmac promised them much reward if they would return the statue Par had backpacked to his clan, and implied that it was possible the ring they sought was their. With no other reason to stay, our party traveled back up the path and dispatched the three mites in the other room quickly.

The rest of this day and the next were spent resting and searching the hex they were in, before heading on to the next where the kolbolds lived.

5th Day of Pharast

Sadly Sukie succumbed to her STD, but despite her growing weakness Micmac lead them to an abandoned silver mine and with his support was escorted through to their chief. Par was a little nervous at the growing numbers of kobolds, but if the others in the group were they didn’t show it. After a brief moment of conversation, with Aegis translating where necessary, the statue was handed over to the chieftain. Who to the shock of all present raised it aboved his head and cast it down, smashing it to pieces. It became apparent that he had been usurped by an outsider, who had threatened them with death and demons. With this threat gone he ralied his people and stormed to attack en mass the usurper. The party, ever open to the idea of potential allies, followed the growing riot, intending to assist in their fight if needed, but stay out of internal politics if not, was able to help their hopefully new friends with just the sneaky use of a counter spell.

With the usurper dead the kobolds turned to celebrate, doubly so when they learned of the wholesale slaughter that had occured to the mites. The now restored chieftain told the party that they could have everything they liked from the usurpers stuff as they wanted nothing to do with it and if they could not find the ring they were seeking he would check with the rest of the tribe.

The merry band, much ladened with loot, finished exploring the hex they were in and started their meandering route back to Olafs trading post.


Big thanks to Ian for this write up.

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