Rostland Prospectors

Once Bitten... Lycanthropy

Pars point of view

A lot of things can annoy me, rich kids slumming, magical locks, broken tools, a lack of decent booze, but by Caidens empty tankard, how do you fight something that just wont go down?

By pure luck we found the guy the guard captain wanted while exploring near Oleg’s, and despite some…ughum… difficulties with MilFalc, we ran him and his companions down and dragged him back. It was late so we stayed the night, I had chance to have a quiet word with one of the guards, he reckons I can get some decent quality…goods acquisition tools that had been confiscated from some… amateurs back home.

Thought Sukie was supposed to be laying low, but she seems determined to make a name for herself, at least the way she keeps chatting up the guard captain implies that…

I’m still not quite used to all this wilderness and the relative quiet at night, so I was easily awoken by the horses, instinct told me to go quick so just took my weapon belt. Rushing out I saw a wolf leaving the barn with Krul giving chase.

Syndil followed me, I think she was as shocked as I was when the wolf changed into a bestial form, which resembled, to paraphrase Aegis’ journal, Target 20. Sukie took our momentary hesitation to run past us, in exasperation I told her not to get in the way, but she did and was taken from behind by Syns colour sprey. Sadly Sneeg wasn’t affected by the spray. Fortunately though Sukie was, she fell out of the way. Meaning I was able to step up and concentrate on hitting Sneeg where it would hurt and not dodge her wild swings.

As I said, I hate it when i’m ineffectual, I hate it even more when I know it should have worked. I punctured his lungs, his kidneys and his heart, and he laughed it off. I tried knocking the fecker out with my sap, he just grinned at me. Krul swung his blade in a blow which should have chopped him in half, he parried it. What damage we did do, just seemed to heal up infront of our eyes. Krul seemed to hurt him slightly but I doubt I gave him more then a slight scratch. Synd seem to have more effect with that wand of hers, maybe I should have a word with her or Aegis. If we face any more of these things I want options I can use, if it means I learn some stick wiggling then i’ll do it. Better look a fool, then look dead.

Aegis summoned a dog which worried at Sneegs ankles.

The captain needs to learn some delegation, i’ve seen him shoot that crossbow of his, he sucks at it, initially thought he was being a coward when he ran straight past the fighting to go into Oleg and Svetlanas, but I guess he knew something I didn’t as he shouted for silver bolts.

Sneeg tried to make a run for it and ran one of the guards through, Krul and I gave chase, before we could do more then scratch him , he vaulted the gate. Made it look easy. Buzz though saved the day, he used that nasty tangle spell of his, wish it was a little more picky, but it stopped Sneeg in his tracks just outside the gates.

I scrambled up the palisade and started to reign arrows onto him. Krul must have been furious, he ran along the gate and launched himself at Sneeg. Not going to leave a friend on his own, I followed suit. The Master told me about those times where the world seems to slow down, where you can feel the world moving in your favour…it felt like I was flying, I landed behind Sneeg. He didn’t see the blow coming, I know he didn’t…but…it barely hurt him, it must have hurt him though because he turned on me…don’t remember much after that though…well…not until Buzz brought me back…so glad the little guy is on our side…or at least seems to be on our side…think I shall try to stay on his good side…


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