Rostland Prospectors

Pharast 9th 4708.

Day nine of study, the group continues to remain functionally cohesive despite total lack of organisational structure, authority or any kind of predesignated or acknowledged system to direct it. My best description so far for the teams activities is “quasi-directional chaos” the full implications of this system I intend to put into a paper for submission to the Elven military figures when studying the movements of Barbarian hordes. I suspect parallels between this groups semi-random approach to direction and investigation can be used as a microcosm that may be functionally extrapolated to predict larger forces activities.

Weather today, 23% cloud coverage with a wind capable of clearing smoke an estimated 2 miles visual distance. Temperature is seasonal average. Precipitation nil.

After last nights invasion of the camp by a non-domesticated Elk over my tent it had received considerable amounts of soil-age consistent with the creatures hoofprints; despite my intentions to learn the cantrip required to clean it the Sorercess Syndil offered to use one of her spells to clean it, a generous offer but one can’t help wonder what drove her to select such a spell as an essential part of her repertoire given sorcerers limited variance with the art.

Experiment E-7 was initiated, I gave team member Par the scroll of Gravity Bow I had successfully scribed into my spellbook. Will observe his attempt to use the scroll carefully as backlash and magical failure notes are rarely documented for obvious reasons.

After a hearty breakfast the team continued their exploration of the wilderness, todays target was a section of forest eight leagues due South of settlement 1A (Olegs Trading Post) in order to complete a sweep of the area on our return from area 5A (The Silver mine). Have now noted no less than seven different possibly optimisations in the parties travel and camping structure that would lead to an estimated 17% increase in daily efficiency. Will continue to document these and observe to see if the team manages to self-optimise or degrade in performance.

Inside the forest the team encountered two fae creatures, a Faerie Dragon (Draconis Nympharum) and a Grig (Parvus Vesparum Nympharum). Full capacities of these creatures is well documented in contemporary sources (Elians field guide to the fae most notably) and the creatures revealed that they, as previously suspected by oneself, were responsible for the pyrotechnical and phantasmic pranks inflicted on the team near area 3A (Bandit Camp). Team member Buzzbee demonstrated an impressive fluentness of Sylvan and managed to strike an almost immediate rapport with the creatures.

The creatures proved to be entertained easily by trivial tales of slaughter and pranks, especially of the Mites (Parva Excors Nympharum) that we had despatched and introduced themselves; their names being “Perlivash” and “Tyg-Titter-Tut” (Sylvan tongue). Further conversation revealed they were vehemently against the incursions of the bandits in the area. More usefully the creatures revealed information regarding the three “lieutenants” of subject S-37 (The Stag Lord). One highly suspects these are largely self imposed positions rather than that of a fully organised military body. These “lieutenants” are always with the Stag Lord

The first “lieutenant” (Designation S-63) is a greying humanoid with the (all quotes contained) “air of the city” about him. This subject wears metal armour.
The second “lieutenant” (Designation S-64) is “stupid and larger than him” (Him being team member Krul, a 0.7% top height section human)
The third “lieutenant” (Designation S-65) is a “dark serious man who wears leather and is quick with a blade, fancy clothes”
Finally the fae creatures identified that they have in addition a caged Noctuam Ferre (coloquial “Owl Bear”) (Designation S-66)
Lastly the creatures declared, after some discussion that we were “friends”. The groups continued ability to make allies of the most obscure species encountered can most likely be attributed to it’s cross-section appeal in diversity and lack of intimidatory leader.

After this the fae creatures guided the team to area 12A (Moon Radish Patch) where six Parva Draco Humana (coloquial “Kobolds”, no designation to be assigned) were observed, prone, in an advanced state of nutritional saition. As I took notes of the procedings team member Syndil called out to the creatures and managed with the considerable mitigatory factor of the presence of team member Krul to convince the creatures to back away as team member Buzzbee collected the radishes. Thus our task completed we explored the rest of the forest area and found it largely empty.

In the evening further information was imparted to the team regarding other areas of interest via the fae creatures; notably:
Area 16A – A highly trapped section of forest laid by a “nasty man”
Area 17A – A uninhabited structure that is largely overground, my initial assessment indicates that it could be a former temple to Erastil, a sentiment echoed by Buzzbee.
Area 18A – A natural set of hot springs, near the source of the skunk river. Two giant frogs are also said to inhabit this area, however given the sizing of the source of this information “giant” must be considered a highly relative term.

Pharast 10th 4708.

Weather today, 29% cloud coverage with a wind capable of clearing smoke an estimated 2 miles visual distance. Temperature is below seasonal average. Precipitation nil.

The team returned to area 1A (Olegs Trading Post) and met with the group of guards that had been sent to reinforce the area, as suspected their arrival would have been too late to stop the bandit attempt that the team dealt with.

The guards commander, Keston Garess (Designation S-68) engaged us in trivial local banter regarding the local defence and weather. Obviously he has no almanac of his own otherwise such conversation would be entirely pointless.

While this conversation was ensuing team member Par met with S-4 (Svetlana Leveton) and delivered both the radishes and, surreptitiously, the ring. Subsequent elevated delight of subject S-4 confirmed that the ring delivered was the one required. Another task completed.

S-2 (Oleg Leveton) gave us more useful news; a local “crazy old man” (Designation S-69) had visited and delivered potions for sale; two points of cure light wounds, one potion of cure moderate wounds and a potion of endure elements. The former two were purchased with credit along with a variety of other items that S-2 had restocked with as the party divested itself of the various trinkets and non-functional treasures it had aquired. Sadly S-2 had no idea of where exactly S-69 could be found.

Additionally another figure, although not present, Jhod Kavken (S-70) was awaiting our return.

Finally S-68 (Keston Garess) reported three tasks requiring completion.
T-18 – Pacification or allying of the sootscale Kobold tribe. Reward 800 gp. (complete)
T-19 – The pacification of six bandits. Reward 400 gp. (complete)
T-20 – The apprehension of Falgrim Sneeg (S-71) a former mercinary turned bandit, hired by S-68 to guard a caravan who then subsequently robbed it and escaped to the local area. Reward a masterwork weapon for each of the team or half of this for S-71 dead.

Pharast 11th 4708.

Weather today, 37% cloud coverage with no measureable wind. Temperature seasonal average. Precipitation nil.

The team “decided” (research paper to follow) to investigate the plains nearby to ensure that the local area was safe; almost immediately out of area 1A (Olegs Trading Post) the team encountered six bandits (no designation) and engaged in what can only be described as a “charge of rabble”. In order to facilitate observation I blended in with this chaotic assault and observed as I steered my horse with my knees. All notes were taken immediately after combat due to requirements for magic.

Team member Sukie proved adept with her bow and felled two of the bandits with arrows with the assistance of Syndil who was using the magical missile wand to good effect. Hopefully this will teach her the value of having a long range damage effect magical attack.
Team member Par appeared to be having trouble with his horse, will recommend to team member Buzzbee that he train his animal next.
I felled two of the bandits with a class 1 sleep spell and a third telekinetic sword throw; the last bandit having fallen to his knees and was begging for mercy.
Sharp eyes in the team luckily observed that this bandit was in fact S-71 (Falgrim Sneeg) and Buzzbee risked life and limb by parking his Elk in front of the bandit as team member Krul caught up with the horse bound rest of the team, thundering forward like some kind of out of control wagon.
Buzzbees fears, I suspect, were eased when Krul rushed to deal with the sleeping bandits instead of S-71, who was tied and apprehended. The team subsequently returned to area 1A (Olegs Trading Post).

Will revise team efficiency rating up 2% from todays activities.

Report ends.


Be afraid.. be very afraid. Not even the Gods know what experiments Aegis refers to.

Big thanks to Robin for this grant unveiling of Aegis.

Returning to Olegs Trading Post
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