Rostland Prospectors

Smoke Without Fire

Meddlesome Fey

2nd Day of Pharast

In the very early hours of the morning, on Par’s watch, a whisp of smoke past be him high up on the viewing platform. Looking down at the camp panic set in as camp was completely enshrouded in smoke. Rushing down from the platform Par began waking everyone.

Buzzbee desperately tried to wake the snoring barbarian but Krul is a heavy sleeper and Buzzbee’s shacking and proving had no effect. Cold water ought to do the trick he thought and pour bucket load over Krul’s head. Not a sensible move but necessary given the immediate situation. Krul’s reaction was and instinctive violet outburst, Buzz narrowly avoided injury, but he soon came to his senses when his little friend explained the urgency.

Despite the saying this time it was smoke with out fire. Aegis detected a magical presence centred on the fire pit. Still banked up and glowing ready for morning as they had left it, as Aegis looked into the fire be was startled and knocked back by a sudden explosion of pyrotechnic flashes and explosions.

Aegis and Syndil both recognised the spells that had been deployed but why, they appeared to be an attempt to scare rather than harm the group. Buzzbee pointed out that this area has been unpopulated by civilisation for such a time that the barrier between the land of fey may been thinning. He continued to explain that much like gnomes his smaller fey cousins enjoy nothing more than playing tricks but especially on big folk. There was no sign of fey in the area but Buzz was absolutely certain and that they may be able to bribe them with the right offerings, though the fey prefer to call these ‘presents’. Sukie left a small ‘present’ to the fey of some silver earrings and a bottle of expensive wine found in the camp before returning to sleep.

You awoke in the morning, a little later than planned, after a disturbed nights sleep. Sukie’s ‘present’ had gone. Was this a sign that there really was fey in the area. With no tracks to be found it certainly didn’t appear to be more bandits.

You set out to explore the forest surrounding the camp. Whilst a whole day trekking is tiring the day was uneventful until returning back to the camp. Sukie had already crossed the bridge back over the Thorn River. Everyone watched in amusement when Aegis’ and Syndil’s horses began to skid and dance across the bridge. Sukie certainly didn’t have any trouble crossing but the bridge was now covered in a greasy residue. Both riders were forced to dismount and bring their animals under control. Aegis composed himself and completed the crossing taking small and precise steps while guiding his horse. Syndil followed some moments later after remaining in almost the same spot for while trying to gather her balance after dismounting. Aegis mockingly offered Syndil, as the approached the end of the bridge, which she dismissed with a scowl.

Arriving back at the camp both Syndil and Aegis set to arranging a small candle lit dinner with another bottle of expensive wine for the the fey.


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