Rostland Prospectors

Tales for a Magpie

From Buzzbee's Perspective

Its a cool spring morning, with the waxing moon ever present over head. Glancing up at the moon hanging in morning sky buzz mutters,

“Not be long now … enough of that, Breakfast!”

Ruffling though his backpack, Buzz triumphantly pulls out a handful of fresh berries and flask of clean water.

“Ahhh breakfast. Hey Alex! Wake up my friends its our time to watch over camp.”

The weary elk awakens, groggly getting to his feet before steading himself and trotting over to his long time companion. He gently nuzzle his snout into Buzz’s shoulder before raising his head to sniff the brisk morning air. With nothing much to arise his suspicion he finds a tasty bit of greenery to snake on.

“Get you fill Alex, if the last few days are any thing to go by, we are in for more adventure and a lot of walking.”

After performing his morning ritual of prayers and mediation Buzz notices a magpie perched in one of the tree above and as everyone knows (well not everyone) magpie like to hear a good story. Calling the bird down beside him buzz start to recall Alex’s and his adventures of the last few days, with hope of course the magpie would pass on the words of his great deeds.

“Where to start … ahh yes …”

Buzz start to recall a tail of a HUGE! boar 3 times his size. He spoke excitedly about how the giant beast charged head strong into the party and how Lucky they where it was immediately met by a colour spray from Syndil, locking it in place. With the cunning the rest of the party displayed in controlling this mighty foe and the sheer ferocity on display by Krul it was overcame in an instant.

“Such an angry thing it was, just attacked us out right. Didn’t even want to listen to reason. Although I will give it some credit, it fought why past it limits, right up until it dying breath.” lowering his head for a brife second Buzz uttering a small pray to Erastil, thanking him for the challenge and food the boar provided.

“So, where was I.”

Fumbling around with his thoughts a few seconds, “Spiders! Lots! of spiders.” He restart his tail of adventure around the time his party where trying to retrieve Fangberries from a group of thorny bushs, sparing non of gruesome details about the swarm of spiders thats followed. He finish off by expressing his delight at Aegis ingenuity in the retrieval of the berries.

“He’s a smart man that Aegis, such an interesting use of an unseen servant.”

A small smirk appeared on Buzz’s face, “I wonder if my sister would have done that, She has always been the cast fireball and ask questions later type of person.”

“So where to finish, lets see … more walking … hummm, we did find a rarely used ford … picked up some potion from the strange alchemist, Ahh yes Wolves! there was lots of them, maybe 6 … no 7, no in fact 10!”

Buzz continues with his story until his avid listener is spooked by the party starting to stir from the slumber.


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