Rostland Prospectors

Trap Sweepers

From Aegis' Perspective

Pharast 12th 4708.

High speed (estimated 45 mph) winds, extremely snowy conditions. Over one foot of snow.
Travel speed would be reduced by an estimated 75% in this weather without sledging, skiing or other suitable equipment.

Day twelve of study. Despite my initial calculations of a 27% chance of a group fatality within the first two weeks of the experiment I have now revised this down to 15%. The previous nights’ engagement with S-71, a class II abomination, however came exceedingly close to fulfilling this prediction when team-member Par was nearly eviscerated by the abomination.

With the weather severely unsuitable for travel the team “decided” (in their quasi-random fashion) to remain at settlement 1A (Olegs Trading Post) and maintain a watchful eye over S-71 (Falgrim Sneeg) their decision possibly influenced by the fact that I decided to take the opportunity to address the studies of scrolls to complete my current backlog of circle one spells transcription. Team member Syndil took decided to ask various inane questions regarding this rather simple procedure which I responded to with polite curtness; I am suspecting more and more that she has missed her calling in some other capacity beyond arcane magical use, it is entirely possible that she could have been an excellent bard, although her disinclination to study leads me to wonder on even this.

The rest of the group passed the day non-productively determining if they should waste value resources and time creating a leather bracer, engaging in snowball fights and attempting to negotiate with S-71 – where team member Buzzbee at least usefully determined that S-71 had been once a member of the of subject S-37’s (The Stag Lord) bandit group and had been planning on infecting more people.

Usefully S-2 (Oleg Leveton) discovered in a back storage room that he had plenty of snow shoes, one wonders why these weren’t on prominent display given the time of year.
Finally it was determined that an extract of Belladonna (Atropa belladonna) could act as a potential reagent to counter the effects of D-1 (Lycanthropy) should any of the team become infected, the risk that team member Par and Krul were already infected is a serious cause for team concern and I am already preparing countermeasures should these two individuals turn into class III abominations, however none of the rest of the group appears similarly concerned and is placing their trust entirely in the saving graces of the Belladonna potions.
After todays’ activities and general lack of productivity am revising teams’ procrastination up by 3%.

Pharast 13th 4708.

No wind or precipitation. 6 inches of ground snow cover, melting slowly. Ground not frozen.
With the conditions improved the team restarted their exploration of the local area to sweep clear of any dangers around settlement 1A. The day was largely unproductive until team members Buzzbee and Krul spotted a large cave-like crack in the ground covered by brambles. Further investigation determined a worked shaft that I sounded to be 20 feet deep (+/- 2 feet) that opened into a wide area, which team member Krul removed out the way with an ease that suggests a missed calling as a gardener – not however, I suspect, something to mention to him directly.

A long discussion then followed about what to do before eventually team member Sukie climbed down on a knotted rope to investigate the area, where she determined that it was a circular cavern with what she described as “sparkling” down there.

An even longer discussion of what to do then followed, finally in frustration I employed the strength of team member Krul to lower me down to where Sukie was examining the cavern (30 feet irregular circular cavern, partially worked) and determined that there was no magic present and that the seam, as team member Sukie had postulated, was in fact gold. A potentially rich seam for later exploitation, very useful indeed. I then returned to the surface having nearly been being dropped by Krul on the way up, which only validates my decision to learn feather fall.

The crack in the ground was then covered over to hide it from anyone else who might happen by.

Revising teams procrastination up a further 2%.

Pharast 14th 4708.

No wind or precipitation. 1 inch of ground snow cover, snow now mainly in isolated drifts and patches.

An uneventful day of travel and exploration, this area has been cleared. Map M-3 updated with highlighted notes.

Pharast 15th 4708.

No wind or precipitation, no snow remaining. Temperature slightly above seasonal average.

More exploration, now to a direction approximately 120 degrees from north of settlement 1A. Approximately one hour before sunset the team located a single wooden structure covered in tarred canvas typically classifiable as a “hut”.

As I suspected we had located the domicile of S-69, who turned out to be a wild haired and somewhat dishevelled human using the name “Bokken”. A longer than suspected conversation with the subject was initiated and it was determined that the subject

  • a) had a brother whom they had lost a finger to and had no interest in seeing again, who lived in a “hollow tree”.
  • b) Was capable of creating circle 2 potions and vials.
  • c) Could create a suitable mitigating vial of Atropa belladonna if supplied with ingredients, however S-69 had no idea where such material could be located. The cost would be 100 gp per vial.
  • d) The subject was interested in acquiring some “fangberries” for “fangberry juice” and proceeded to give exceptionally vague directions to where they might be found; however between my own geographical expertise and that of team member Buzzbee I believe we pinpointed the potential site for these berries with a +/- 500 yards accuracy. For returning these berries S-69 would apply a discount to construction of potions for the team.

After leaving the team returned to settlement 1A where the various rewards (1000 gp in platinum coins and masterwork items) for our previous endeavours had arrived. Personally I received a composite longbow (for emergency use only) while team member Syndil acquired a light crossbow. Perhaps this is finally an indication of her intentions to branch out into areas other than magic, which I suspect can only be a good thing for her career.

Pharast 16th 4708.

No wind or precipitation, light scattered cloud. Temperature slightly below seasonal average.

The team resumed its investigations of the local area to the North West of settlement 1A which was a largely unproductive day (note to self, bring more travel books) until in the evening we encountered the fae creatures (Draconis Nympharum and Parvus Vesparum Nympharum) once again who confirmed our navigational calculations that we were on the edge of the “trapped area” and that we should proceed with caution.

After dispensing this “valuable” advice the creatures then helped themselves to the choicest pieces of our meals. The price of friendly relations with these creatures is proving more irksome.

Pharast 17-19th 4708.

Weather unchanged for duration, mild precipitation, temperature seasonal average.

The team located and removed a total of 11 bear traps, one of which had a rotting corpse of a wolf in it. There was no sign of who had set these devices. Team members Par and Buzzbee took point to locate these devices as the rest of the team followed on foot.

On the second day of this investigation whilst team member Buzzbee was removing a trap a warg (magna lupus) broke cover and attacked him, knocking him to the ground as his Elk companion lept to his defence and gored the creature. The rest of the team was only partially surprised by this however and reacted quickly to the threat.

Team member Par inexplicably decided to abandon his years of weapon training and attempted to shouldercharge the warg away from team member Buzzbee, given the large size of the creature compared to team member Par one can only speculate on his reasons for this.

Team member Sukie engaged the creature more directly with a competent display of weapon use, perhaps this will act as a future example to team member Par on how to attack hostile creatures.
Team member Syndil fired the crossbow that she had recently acquired and managed to hit the Warg with the bolt. This reduced her ratio of friendly casualties in combat encounters down by 33%. Hopefully she will take this as a sign that her arcane triflings and magical masteries have a long way to go and that she should look to diversify her combat expertise into other non-magical areas. I will continue to monitor her.

I had been engaged in reading the notations of Thadamus III on the energy stratification of Mephits, an excellent work that I can only recommend to all. Pausing only to note my position in the chapter I decided this was an excellent time to test the circle 1 spell I had only recently acquired, “ear-piercing scream” and despite my reservations as to the effectiveness against larger creatures the spell was fully efficacious, both stunning and damaging the warg such that it could no longer damage Buzzbee before team member Sukie landed the final killing blow.

It was at this point that team member Krul emerged from behind a tree adjusting his clothing. I decided against inquiring as to his activities as some things are best left unrecorded.
Team effectiveness revised up +3% from the net benefit of team member Syndils diversification into archery.


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