Rostland Prospectors

Unnaturally Scary Monsters Everywhere

Well, maybe not the Elk

Day 6 in the River Kingdoms (6th Day of Pharast)

Leaving their new kobold allies behind the group headed North into unexplored territory. After a morning of trudging through rain and mud the adventurers came across the razed ruins of Nettles Crossing. Needing to cross the river they searched the area, but found nothing in the burnt out building.

Standing by the river discussing their next move the team were approached by a figure rising from the river. Seeing the rotting undead first Buzzbee quickly unslung his bow and took aim. Sensing the creature was making no moves to attack Syndil shouted Buzzbee into standing down. The rotting remains identified itself as Davik, formerly the ferryman of Nettles Crossing. It demanded the body of its murderer, the Stag Lord, be thrown into the river to release it from undeath. The group agreed to help – some less enthusiastically than others.

Still needing to cross the group each paid Davik the 5 copper he demanded and were carried safely across the river in his mud and slime encrusted ferry.

Day 7 in the River Kingdoms (7th Day of Pharast)

Raining again. Krul and Buzzbee seemed unaffected by the conditions, while the rest of the group were becoming increasingly worn down.

Now heading West the explorers discovered an ominous looking claw shaped tree. Aegis convinced himself the tree was about to come to life, while the more practical members of the group set to work digging up a recently disturbed patch of earth. With a handy shovel courtesy of Buzzbee, Krul made short work of the digging uncovering a bundle of treasure. Discarding a mouldy book over his shoulder (which Aegis dived after and caught with a squeal of delight) he found a jewel encrusted dagger, a charred wand, and a pair of bracers.

Day 8 in the River Kingdoms (8th Day of Pharast)

Moving into woods to take shelter from yet another day of rain the group approached a clearing. Noticing the discarded bones of animals and humanoids most of the group cautiously slowed down. Oblivious to this admiring her shiny new wand Syndil walked on into the centre of clearing.
In an instant a massive horse sized spider emerged from it’s hiding place, took a bite out of Syndil and injected her with a strength sapping poison.

Hearing the terrified scream Par and Sukie quickly ran to her aid. While Sukie slashed at the monster Par ripped away the trapdoor cover. Seeing the enormous spider uncovered was too much for poor Syndil who fled to Krul, clutching onto the barbarian in terror.

Seeing the danger Krul calmly pulled a bottle of Alchemists Fire from his gear. With a frantic Syndil yelling “BURN IT!” in his ear, Krul lobbed his firebomb neatly into the uncovered hole. The fiery explosion burst out of the hole sending Sukie and Par diving for cover.

The still smouldering spider scuttled out of it’s lair and attempted to escape. Summoning all her willpower Syndil managed to open her eyes long enough to let loose a pair of magic missiles, shearing off two of the spiders legs.

With the spider slowed down Aegis took action. Summoning a dog to attack the spider from one side, he hurled his glowing sword from the other skewering the monster through the thorax and finally finishing it off – much to the relief of the panicked sorceress.

Krul then used a gnome-on-a-rope to fish out any treasure down the spider hole. Ironically discovering a treasure map leading to the very treasure they had dug up the previous day…

Day 8 In the River Kingdoms (Night time)
Early morning those members of the group still sleeping were rudely awoken by a large Elk rampaging through the campsite. Trampling through Aegis’ tent leaving him bruised and entangled it nimbly avoided Syndil’s Colour Spray spell before Krul wrestled the scared animal into submission. Buzzbee was able to calm and talk to the Elk and quickly discovered it was being hunted by a “wolf-like” beast, which was then heard howling in anger. Answering with a howl of his own Buzzbee convinced the “wolf” to leave. Buzzbee feared they might soon have a werewolf to deal with, or worse – an angry shapeshifted Druid!


Big thanks to Richard for this write up

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