An elven wizard with a hidden past, the world is his experiment....




Standing more than six feet tall with a slender build Aegis looks initially like a normal elf, lithe, quick and not the strongest person you’re likely to meet. This illusion of normality is shaken the moment you meet the gaze of his dark grey eyes. His gaze is steady, almost unblinking but rather than being the look of someone trying to unsettle it gives him the air of someone waiting, listening, trying to understand.

Aegis wears a long dark brown travellers cloak, the hood covering his head and covering most of his body, from under the hood however wisps of ivory coloured hair escape here and there, evidentially he keeps his hair cut short.

His clothing under the cloak is nothing special, a long grey linen jacket that hangs past his waist, a brown woollen under-shirt and hardy black trousers that have more than a few patches in them. His feet sport practical looking boots, suitable for marching many a mile.
The only other item of note on him is the ornately carved hilt of the Elven longsword on his hip, the blade itself seems to have a faint almost bluish glow to it at times, but at others it seems to be just another blade.


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