Jhod Kavken

Male human cleric 4


Jhod appeared at Oleg’s Trading Post shortly after your first foray into the Stolen Lands.

A travelling hunter and cleric of Erastil originally from Galt, Jhod heard rumour of the Sowrd Lords charter and headed to Oleg’s to help in any why he could. He also claimed to have heard rumor of a ‘ lost temple’ to Erastil in the Stolen Lands and request you keep a look out while exploring. In return he offered to help sooth the pains of adventuring.

Buzzbee and Aegis were particularly interest in the possibility of a temple especially as they are very rarely erected in dedication to Erastil. Pressing the matter further Jhod revealed that had travelled from Galt up the Sellen River to Numeria and then travelled to Brevoy. His first night in Brevoy he had a vivid dream of an overgrown temple watched over by a particularly angry bear. When he awoke from the dream he felt an urge to head south into the Stolen Lands.

You eventually discovered such a temple, most likely a remnant of the last hopeful colonists centries ago. And indeed it was guarded by an angry bear. The bear was especially enraged by the sight of symbol of Erastil worn by Aegis. It fought hard but eventually overcome what lay at your feet was not a bear but the body of a former temple custodian punished by Erastil. The priest’s body, now freed from the hold of Erastil’s curse, rapidly decayed to bone then dust and disappeared into the earth.

Jhod has become a friend of the party and now occupies the seat of High Priest at your council in Owlbear Keep. He presses for the claiming of the area surrounding the temple and it’s rejuvenation.

Jhod Kavken

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