Sukie raMarll

'My blade is my art; my medium is combat.'


Female Half-Elf Ranger 2
CG Medium Humanoid (Elf, Human)
Init +5; Senses Low-Light Vision; Perception +7


AC 18, touch 15, flat-footed 13   (+3 armor, +5 Dex)
hp 18 (2d10)
Fort +3, Ref +8, Will +0
Immune sleep; Resist Elven Immunities


Spd 30 ft.
   Dagger +7 (1d4+2/19-20/x2) and
   Mwk Aldori Dueling Sword 2H +9 (1d8+3/19-20/x2) and
   Unarmed Strike +7 (1d3+2/20/x2)
Ranged Shortbow, Comp. (Str +2) +7 (1d6+2/20/x3)


Str 14, Dex 20, Con 11, Int 15, Wis 10, Cha 15
Base Atk +1; CMB +3; CMD 18
Feats Exotic Weapon (Aldori Dueling Sword), Power Attack, Weapon Finesse
Traits Rich Parents, Sword Scion
Skills Acrobatics +7, Climb +6, Handle Animal +6, Intimidate +6, Knowledge (Geography) +6, Linguistics +3, Perception +7, Perform (Dance) +3, Ride +9, Sleight of Hand +6, Stealth +10, Survival +4, Swim +6
Languages Common, Elven, Hallit, Sylvan, Undercommon
SQ Elf Blood, Enemies: Humanoids (Human) (==
==2 bonus) (Ex), Track +1, Wild Empathy +4 (Ex)
Combat Gear Aldori Dueling Sword, Arrows (18), Dagger, Mwk Andori Dueling Sword, Masterwork Arrows (2), Mwk Studded Leather, Shortbow, Comp. (Str +2); Other Gear Flask


Elf Blood You are counted as both elves and humans for any effect relating to race.
Elven Immunities +2 save bonus vs Enchantments.
Elven Immunities – Sleep You are immune to Sleep effects.
Enemies: Humanoids (Human) (+2 bonus) (Ex) +2 to rolls vs Humanoids (Human).
Low-Light Vision See twice as far as a human in low light, distinguishing color and detail.
Sword Scion +1 to hit and CMB with longswords and Aldori Dueling Swords.
Track +1 +1 to survival checks to track.
Wild Empathy +4 (Ex) Improve the attitude of an animal, as if using Diplomacy.

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‘Sukie’ raMarll is a rich girl. Her Elven ‘grandfather’ (add a few ‘greats’ to that) has been the head of the raMarll trading family for a couple of hundred years, and is ‘comfortable’ beyond the dreams of avarice! He is the patriarch of a family of Half-Elves (although the exact Elf to Human ratio varies) and still controls family matters.

Tsukiétharia – ‘Sukie’ to her friends – is his favourite ‘granddaughter’. His plan for her is to marry her into a noble house for political and economic advantage; but which House? If he chooses one he makes enemies of all the others! If he chooses none of them he makes enemies of them all!

Meanwhile, Sukie has no interest in being married-off to some chinless wonder who cares more about having a trophy wife than caring about her. Sukie was brought up on tales of the Aldori Sword Lords. In Restov they are heroes, gladiators and celebrities all rolled into one. Everyone wants to be one or be with one. Sukie wants to be one! She has trained hard since she was first able to pick up a duelling sword-albeit in two hands! She has eagerly learned all she could about fighting and adventuring and now she is ready to run away from home. Her childhood friend (a Gnome Druid) and a Numerian Barbarian she knows from escorting raMarll trade caravans told her about an opportunity to serve Restov, prove herself to the Sword Lords and escape the slow death of an unwanted marriage. She has collected some supplies, weapons and her favourite horse and prepared to ‘do one’!

Grandfather raMarll hasn’t stayed where he is for centuries without being ahead of the game! Although Sukie doesn’t know this, her running away is just what he wants. It’s not his fault if she’s not there to be married, is it? All Sukie knows is that, on the very night she planned to abscond, Grandfather spoke with her and, although she didn’t grasp all he said, he gave her a masterwork Aldori Duelling Sword as a present. He said the sword is called ‘Falling Rain’, both because of the unusual pattern revealed in the acid-etched blade and the fighting style that Sukie uses in combat. The blade was made for her, after all.

With one last prayer to Shelyn, Sukie rides toward adventure…!

Sukie raMarll

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