Svetlana's Ring

Source: Oleg Leveton ( Oleg’s Trading Post)


Task: On your first night at the trading post Svetlana mentioned that they bandits had taken her wedding ring and that she is ashamed to confess this to Oleg, save he do something stupid. Unbeknown to Svetlana, Oleg knows about the ring and his wife’s anguish. He hasn’t let on to save her worrying about him. Whilst the ring is nothing in value compared to the goods the bandits had taken off with it’s return would be certain to relieve Svetlana’s mind and bring a smile to her face. In Oleg’s mind that is priceless.

Completion: Track down the ring and return it to Oleg. The bandits took it, but it may be lost or sold by now.

Update: The ring has not been found on the bandits come to collect their bounty or those at the Thorn River Camp (or their stash). When questioned about the ring a bandit captive at the camp claimed some mites stole off with a couple of bags of loot a day ago, maybe it was in one of them. Probably fled back to their lair under the old sycamore tree, but who cares those bags only contained some coppers and cheap trinkets.

Update: The mites didn’t have the ring in their position. Given the war between the mites and Sootscale kobolds it is possible that the Sootscale’s took the ring. Mikmek, who you rescued from the mites guided you to the Sootscale lair in the abandoned Oaktop Silver Mine. After returning the Sootscales statue to Chief Sootscale who immediately smashed the statue to lift a curse put on his tribe you aided in a coop to overthrow the impostor Tartuk. After which you found what you believe to be Svetlana’s wedding ring in the sizeable horde Tartuk had gathered.

Update: On returning to Oleg’s, Parum Ictus handed the moon radishes over to Svetlana. Whilst doing so he slipped the wedding ring back onto her finger with an excellent execution of legerdemain. As he walked back out of the house Svetlana squealed with joy once she realised he ring had been returned. She rushed out of the house almost knocking Par over to embrace her husband, who for the first time did not hide his emotions when shown the ring.

Reward: The ‘priceless’ tag isn’t quite so. Oleg offers 1000 gp in store credit for recovering the ring.

Svetlana's Ring

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