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Free [Bear] Hugs... Unless it's a Bear

From Krul's Perspective

I woke up after the oddest dream this morning. It started like any of my usual dreams of glorious battles and honourable kills, except the events playing out in my head were completely different to how the fight actually went.

I was dreaming of the fight yesterday against a great grizzly bear which had made its home in what remained of an old shrine. It was a hell of a beast and a worthy challenge for the likes of me. When the beast let loose its great roar from within the shrine, I immediately knew it would be down to me to protect these clueless city folk and rushed head on towards the noise.

The next thing I remember is being stood over the dead bear, which promptly transformed into a man and then disappeared completely. Now, I have never been a fan of magic but this is just wrong. It’s not natural and it should not have happened. Still, it seems it was no match for me, in fact, I bet I could have taken it bear handed. I always fancied wrestling a bear, perhaps I’ll try it next time.

Looking around after the fight, I noticed that both Buzzbee and Sukie were unconscious. It seems I may have been a bit overly energetic while trying to protect them. Oh well, no harm done. They are still alive and that is what is important.

The thing is, in the dream, things happened quite differently. Firstly, I dreamed there were Skeletons fighting us as well. Skeletons which seemed to be able to hold me at bay. ME. The very idea that some frail skeletons could stop Krul is laughable.

The others also seemed to be of some use during the fight as well. Sukie and Par were fighting hard against both the bear and the skeletons. Syndil seemed to master that wand of hers hitting just about everything with streaks of light. Not sure what help that was but it looked impressive.

Then there was Aegis. The idea that he was the one to actually bring down the bear, and with that glowing toy sword of his is just laughable. Dreams really can show you odd things sometimes.

It turned out that the bear was actually a cursed priest.
Now I have never been a fan of the whole magic thing, but that kind of proves my point. When you meddle with that crap, it screws you over in return. Maybe I can teach them how to use a real weapon rather than wiggling sticks at their enemy, looking silly. They may actually learn how to fight with honour rather than making pacts with evil spirits for misguided power.

I will have to watch them I think, I fear they are falling too far under the sway of these spirits . Just the other day when we found some hot springs to bathe in, they honestly believed that the toads were attaching them. Now I got very close to one of them, I landed next to it in fact and it was one of the friendliest creatures I had ever met. Perhaps they had never seen one before, they can look a little odd.

Stewed toad can be pretty tasty, and I think Sukie agreed with me as she put an arrow through one which we served up for lunch. It was the smell of the place that really made me hungry however. My sister used to make the best meals with properly ripened eggs. Perhaps I’ll cook something up for the others sometime. Just need to find some eggs…

We also caught Par appreciating the toad’s thick skin as he was wondering if a toad suit can be made. I think Buzzbee decided to help him out with that. I have noticed that everyone seems to wear a lot of protection. It seems they are actually afraid of dying. I’m not really sure why.

Nothing really happened the day before. We rode around a bit. I found a shiny new hand axe which will hopefully be useful. The others seemed to be off it again. I swear, I will never understand these folk. They spent the morning discussing trees and the afternoon debating how some dead guy died. Trees are trees and dead is dead. We don’t need to spent the day talking about it.

Maybe today they will start to make more sense. I doubt it.


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