Rostland Prospectors

O Par, Par! Were-fore Art Thou Par

From Aegis' Perspective

27th Pharast 4708

Weather reports and data deemed inconsequential to continued experiments, negligible effects on team efficiency out of ordinary humanoid operation. Out of season spikes and anomalies will continue to be recorded.

After numerous travels and investigations around the locality I had hoped to be able to spend some valuable time cross-referencing my investigations to determine psychological as well as tactical patterns. However (as I should have suspected) they remain far too goal-focused to spend even a single day resting so that I could commence construction of two valuable magical items I finally had time and resources to construct. Thus I had to suffer the indignity of travelling with the group to complete the investigations to the North West plains region by the forest, map plan M-15 details this along with interesting topographical information.

While the main body of the group headed for the forest Syndil headed for the kobolds in the silver mine to negotiate their assistance with the impending assault of the fort, sadly I was unable to accompany her but negotiation, unlike other things I have already documented, can be said to be one of her strong points. Success in this will be measured by if she returns or not, I suspect.

In the forest the main group negotiated with the fae creatures ((Draconis Nympharum and Parvus Vesparum Nympharum)as a full investigation of the forest area by their “lair” had yet to be completed.

The creatures entertained our queries as to the status of the fortress (Area 24A) of subject S-37 (The Stag Lord)only after I had enticed them down from hiding with a bag of confectionary, their initial reaction being one of fright as soon as the area was mentioned. Once again forward planning aids then situation.

The creatures informed us that 24A composed of a hill fort on earthworks consistent with a class III motte-and-bailey style of construction (typical blueprints of such a construction can be found in the numerous works of Assif Belian, such as his principal piece “Borderland forts of the Eastern Marches”) this building, although “run down” was still presented a reasonable state of defence, principally through its elevated position and the lack of cover to approach the area. The inclusion of a tower additionally provided alert for the building where the fae creatures assured us that three people were on watch at all times, a prudent level of observation.

Additionally the creatures observed that the previously classified second “lieutenant” (Designation S-64) slept on the roof and was often on watch as well.

27th Pharast – 2nd Gozran 4708

Weather changeable, one thunderstorm of typical seasonal levels, no notable other weather.

These days were dedicated to exploring the plains area to the North West of the forest where very little of note was discovered at all until on the fourth day team member Krul noticed an inconsistency with the formation of a berry bush and went to investigate; hidden under the bushes was an cairn of indeterminate but almost certainly older age. The grave had only been discovered for a few moments before team member Krul attacked the site in a frenzy of screaming, shouting and general mindless violence. Sometimes I do wonder what keeps him stable enough to walk in a straight line. However, when he had sunk to the floor from his exertions it was determined that the grave site was that of a one of the Tiger Lords, a group from Numeria (See Talef Deans nominal work “Numerian Princes, Kings and Leaders of History”) that Krul had taken extreme exception to. However while he was busy attacking the site I had determined the presence of a magical aura and when Krul was calm enough the item was located; a green ring with an eel and a frog on it that I determined to be a ring of swimming, quite possibly useful in these parts considering the amount of water – but valuable as well should it be sold.

The group then returned to settlement 1A (Olegs Trading Post) to rest and finally I managed to complete my creation of the Pearl of power (class 1) and my gloves of magery (class 3).

Additionally the order I had placed for the Summon Monster II spell had arrived and was duly scribed. Syndil had also returned from speaking to the Kobolds, her return taken as a simple sign of success from the rest of the team who didn’t press her for details.

It was at this point the realisation by those of the group whom were guaranteed to be non-inflected by the werewolf had only three days away before the start of the full moon. The party really needs to pay more attention to their calendar.

But preparations still had time; between myself and Team member Buzzbee we managed to convince S-2 (Oleg Leveton) and S-68 (Keston Garess) that the construction of cells/storage rooms that we deemed suitable for restraining our potentially infected team members could be constructed and the guards, Oleg and members of the team duly set out to complete this task.

5th Gozran 4078

Operation “Cell door”. The cells are complete and we only needed a way to get team member Par and team member Krul into their respective cages in as secure a state as possible. Thus the idea that a drinking contest should be set between the two, which required very little convincing on either part. The initial stages of this contest were aided by team member Par drinking far more watered wine as well as use of the resistance spell by myself on him. Regardless of all these factors it still took a heroic effort of consumption before Par finally conceded defeat by passing out in a heap. Somehow team member Krul managed to continue drinking after this, I estimate no less that seventeen quarts of mead had been consumed by him, a poison level that would normally be enough to render unconscious a draft horse. Quite remarkable.

However with some small convincing Par was dragged to his cell (as punishment for “losing” the bet) and Krul tempted into the other cell with even more alcohol. Now all that was needed was to sit and wait.

Team member Buzzbee and Syndil watched over Krul whilst myself and team member Sukie watched over Par. We didn’t have that long to wait as the moon rose up fully into the sky a class III transformation overtook Par with notable changes in his physicality; increased hairiness, extended claws, tail, canine and other teeth extending and lupinasation of his features in general. It is to our luck that only he transformed and not Krul who was wakened from his stupor by the snarls from the were-Par.

As Sukie took a defensive stance before the cage I took the time to engage in a test on the caged subject, positing that Pars elven resistances to Sleep might be effected by his transformation; as suspected the Sleep spell was utterly ineffectual, a useful note for future researchers.

The were-Par proved to be stronger than had been anticipated and indeed far more resilient to magic that had been expected, resisting several more spells (Color spray and ear piercing scream) as he broke out of the cage and engaged team member Sukie who starting parrying carefully to fend him off.

Team member Sukies defence was aided by a barkskin spell from team member Buzzbee as the two fought as well as a heat metal spell on the armour of the were-Par. Magic missiles from myself assisted further until the staggerings of Krul (still in a heightened state of intoxication and urged on by Team member Buzzbee) wandered up to the were-Par and knocked him clean out in one punch.

One can only be glad it was only team member Par infected by the lycanthropy.

However, with the were-Par downed team member Krul turned to face the rest of a group in a fashion that suggested he was “up for a fight” as common vernacular would have it, however at this point Syndil intervened with a colour spray spell and for once her eagerness to render members of the party unconscious with friendly fire proved useful, leaving us with two unconscious drunken team members and a lycathropic issue of disease to resolve with team member Par.

It had been a day of interesting research notes. Further notes on the physicality and psychological profiles of those effected by lycanthropy to follow.


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