Base Value 700 gp Defence 0 Population 250

Given the convenient location of Oleg’s Trading Post between Restov and Owlbear Keep a small informal township has started to form around the Leveton’s home in the Northern Greenbelt.

The populous is mostly transient settlers and as a result the township is mainly made up of tents [of various sizes] and small wooden shacks. More permanent structures are starting to be erected as other merchants, carters and wagoners are opening for business to cash in on the potential for a strong distribution hub.

Oleg has finished the work on the trading post which he now operates as a stable, with his finer stock coming from Buzzbee’s family stud. He continues to trade in goods though now exclusively items, mundane and magical, for the discerning adventurer.

Magic Item Vendors

Supply Level
Name District Minor Medium Major
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C4 – Oleg’s Trading Post (Stables)


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