Owlbear Keep


Base Value 700 gp Defence 10 Population 5,000

Currently the only and therefore capital city of your fledgling kingdom.

Owlbear Keep (E5-J6) was founded on the ruins of the Stag Lord’s Fort (the former bandit lord) and base of operations. The structure was still holding up strong despite it’s then bad state of repair and now forms the inner keep to the castle that gives it’s name to the city.

The name Owlbear Keep is in remembrance of the terrifying creature the Stag Lord’s bandits captured and kept as a ‘pet’, and the now infamous wrestle engaged by General Krul to keep the beast from eviscerating his companions. The slain beast is now proudly displayed in the Owlbear Tavern (E4) where you will find the cities finest wines and ale’s from the neighbouring Owlbear Brewery (E5).

The Owlbear Tavern serves only the finest beverages and is home to the stuffed beast trophy that gives name to the city and many of it’s businesses. It’s common drinking hall facade should not dissuade the discerning patron as this is typical of taverns dedicated and blessed in the name of Cayden Cailean. As such it is filled with a colourful array of patrons from all walks of life.

Magic Item Vendors

Supply Level
Name District Produces Stock
Shrine to Erastil District 1 Minor Potions, Scrolls or Wondrous Items out of stock
Exotic Artisan District 1 Minor Rings, Wands, or Wondrous Items Dust of Tracelessness – 250 gp


A1 – Graveyard C2 – Exotic Artisan E1 – Smithy
A3 – Granary C3-D4 – Houses E2-J2 – Town Hall
B3 – Shrine to Erastil E3 – Brothel
B4 – Library E4 – Owlbear Tavern
E5-J6 – Owlbear Keep
J1 – Barracks
J5 – The Owlbear Brewery

Owlbear Keep

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