Temple of the Elk

This shrine to Erastil lies in a large clearing the Northern Narlmarches Forest and is completely surround and hidden by a dense thicket. It is thanks to the neighbouring fey that you were able to locate it.

The shrine has fallen into ruin since being abandoned after the Taldon’s withdrew from the region giving up on the prospect of expanding their territories.

The clearing and temple boundary is marked by ruined free standing stone pillars. In the centre is a 50ft almost oval pool, the water in which is now perfectly clear and pure.

A looming moss-topped ridge of rock some 300ft wide and 100ft dominates the western end of the clearing. The rock overlooking the clearing has been sculpted into the image of an enormous elk whose antlers droop from its weather face framing a 50ft wide cave entrance.

A set of crumbling stone steps lead from the clearing up to the cave entrance.


The Temple of the Elk was once a radiant and well tended shrine to Erastil but has stood abandoned for many years since Taldor’s last attempt to occupy the Northern Greenbelt.

The previous custodian of the shrine succumb to madness after finally admitting to himself that the indigenous tribes and creatures has “won” and driving the settlers out. In his frustration he scarified a large bear, that he had lured into the shrine, in the name of any gods who would answer his call to help the colonists.

Erastil punished the cleric for his lack of faith in the god of the hunt. Driven mad, stripped of his abilities and intellect, and changed into a large grizzle bear replacing the one sacrificed, Erastil also granted the cleric immortality in his new form. As a bear he would remain guardian of the shrine until the curse was lifted by those worthy of Erastil, yourselves.

Temple of the Elk

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